My name is (Mr.) S K Roy and I am a Vedic Astrologer working on principles of ancient Indian Astrology (Vedic Astrology) with a modern and scientific outlook.

I have observed that most of the people do not understand the happenings in their lives. All of you are left confused and perplexed by many conflicting situations in your lives.

Questions arise in your minds. Why did this happen? Why did I not get what I wanted despite my best efforts? Why do I always miss the opportunity? Am I on the right track? Is there a way I can improve my life? Is there anybody who can guide me to bring changes in my life?

Yes, I am here to help you understand yourself and the happenings in your life. Together (you and me), we will try to find the best path to take for betterment in your life.

For this to happen, I need some information from you which will help me evaluate the pattern of your life and the required steps to work in uniformity with the universe. I do not promise that you will achieve all that you desire (good things), but I will help you make a positive difference in your life.

I am sure you do understand that you are required to pay a small charge, a small fee, for my time and my efforts that I will put in to understand your birthchart and advise you accordingly. (Please read the Disclaimer before you proceed.)